Representation Based on the Specific Commercial Transactions Act.

Representation Based on the Specific Commercial Transactions Act

Seller's Name: Kimitoshi Yoshimura

Address: 3519 Funatsu, Fujiyoshida, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi 401-0301, Japan

Contact: 090-5399-1437

Selling Price: As stated in the attached sheet

Additional Charges (excluding the product): Consumption Tax

Payment Method: Cash

Payment Deadline: Cash or credit card payment upon vehicle pickup.

Return and Cancellation Policy: 50% of the regular fee for same-day cancellations

Property Handover Location: Office parking lot

Number of Owned Vehicles: 3 cars, 2 motorcycles

Product Handover Method: At the office parking lot

Defective Product Handling: In case of issues caused by our responsibility, a full refund of the received amount

Contact for Inquiries: Sales Representative, Kousuke Yoshimura (070-8507-9876)


販売業者名: 吉村公利

所在地: 〒401-0301 山梨県南都留郡富士河口湖町船津3519

連絡先: 090-5399-1437

販売価格: 別紙記載の通り

商品以外の必要料金: 消費税

お支払い方法: 現金

お支払い時期: 現車引き渡し時までに、現金またはクレジットカード決済。

返品・キャンセルについて: 当日キャンセルの場合通常料金の50%

動産の引渡し時期: 事務所駐車場

所有車数量: 車3台、バイク2台

商品引渡し方法: 事務所駐車場にて

不良品の対応: 当方責任による不具合発生の場合、受領代金全額返金

お問い合わせ先: 営業担当 吉村公介(070-8507-9876)